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Welcome to Jones Plumbing & Electrical


We are a family business with experience in many fields. Governement, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic. our work is of the higest standards and comes with a feeling of great work and keeping it in the family.

Why "jones" plumbing and electrical?

Our standard of work is of the highest quality. we work for big government entities and our protocals and health and safety is top notch. your paying us to do a fantastic job and that what youll get.

Why two trades?

Many things that need doing around your home require two trades, so why not ring one company, why not just call us.

What we do

  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing 
  • Data & phone 
  • Switchboards 
  • Safety audits 
  • A/C 
  • Property management

Our promise

1. we will provide you with great service and quality of work and service.
2. we will provide youwith a quote prior to commencement of work and this will be
approved by you before anywork is done.
3. we will treat your property the same way we would expect our own to be treated. things
are done properly and neatly.
4. we clean up after ourself.
5. we will ensure all works are upto todays standards.
6. we will be polite, courteous and friendly.